Name: Materials and Intent
Date(s): 4/24
Time: 10:30a - 4:30p
Ages Allowed: 15 - 99

A fiber arts workshop with professional artist Sun Smith-Foret of St. Louis, will explore creative possibilities in how to enhance your 3-dimensional artwork, functional and/or decorative. We will work in mixed media sculpture with multiple elements.

Object of class is to combine elements and techniques in a new way using your own techniques by incorporating wood, bending, embroidery, etc. in doll making, vessels, wearables, etc. Specific exercises will be offered and class time will accommodate incorporating your personal artwork and will demonstrate how to embellish your objects. Instruction will be both for group as a whole and will also be individualized for each student. Participants can bring samples of their own work in crochet, knitting, weaving, embroidery, needlepoint, basketry techniques like knotting, twining, coiling for incorporation of source. Buttons, ceramic elements, ribbons, notions, etc. are suitable.

Bring examples of your own work that you wish to alter/embellish or build something new. Adornment materials provided but students are encouraged to bring materials as well that may be unique to their style or have sentiment. The instructor will be available throughout the noon hour. 

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